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Kindle Edition

Suffer The Children: (The tragic legacies of Finney & Bushnell)

No one lives in isolation. Everyone functions in an environment that is formed by what has occurred in the past. Have you considered how very differently child evangelism differs from past eras? Are you aware of the influence of men now forgotten on how the Gospel is presented to children? In this book you will be introduced to the influences of two men you likely have never heard of before. Just as importantly, it is likely that one or both of these influential men is unknown to your pastor. This book begins to set the record straight so parents and pastors will not inadvertently be more barriers than escorts of children coming to the Savior.


Kindle Edition

The Blight of Islam (Revised)

A well-reasoned comparison and contrast of the two largest religions in the world, the only two religions claiming their holy books were given by revelation, and the only two religions that claim to be for all humanity. The sources used are those of the two religious faiths to gain insight into the founders of the two religions, Jesus and Mohammed.

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