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Notebook and Fountain Pen


Welcome to our blog page. Here, you can delve into the Pastor's spiritual insights and enjoy Jael's unique reflections. Explore their writings and enjoy the journey!

Image by Timothy Eberly

Ministerial Musings blog is written by Pastor John S. Waldrip. The blog features his occasional musings on religious topics, with a focus on Christian doctrine and interpretation of the Bible. He discusses complex theological ideas and offers his perspective on them. The content can range from reflections on biblical passages to analyses of theological books.


"Jael's Journal" is a heartfelt blog that delves into Bible study from a personal perspective, connecting scriptural teachings to everyday experiences. With a particular focus on women of the Bible, the blog encourages readers to embrace initiative and resilience in their Christian journey. It serves as a thought-provoking space for those interested in exploring their faith more deeply.

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